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Industry FAQs

Industry FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions


What are Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals?

Agricultural and Veterinary (AgVet) chemicals include:

• Pesticides: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, bactericides, baits, lures and rodenticides;

• Veterinary Chemicals: drenches, dips, vaccines, and antibiotics.


How does ChemCert Accreditation help me to meet the Quality Assurance requirements?

To be able to sell your produce for consumption you need to understand how to accurately keep records of your chemical activity and follow the Withholding Periods (WPs) of chemicals to meet Quality Assurance requirements. The ChemCert Course teaches you these skills so that you can complete QA records and National Vendor Declarations successfully.


I only use small amounts of Ag/Vet chemicals, why do I have to be trained?

Anyone who uses hazardous chemicals in their workplace or business needs to be trained in accordance with Occupational/ Work Health and Safety legislation.Regulation 39 of the COP for Managing the Risks of Hazardous Chemcials in the Workplace mandates inclusion of the following in training and instruction:

  • the nature of the hazardous chemicals involved and the risks to the worker 
  • the control measures implemented, how to use and maintain them correctly, and when to clean or replace filters on a spray painting booth
  • the arrangements in place to deal with emergencies, including evacuation procedures, containing and cleaning up spills and first aid instructions
  • the selection, use, maintenance and storage of any PPE required to control risks and the limitations of the PPE
  • any health monitoring which may be required and the worker’s rights and obligations the labelling of containers of hazardous chemicals, the information that each part of the label provides and why the information is being provided
  • the availability of SDS for all hazardous chemicals, how to access the SDS, and the information that each part of the SDS provides.


Can I collect chemicals on behalf of an accredited user from a rural store, without being accredited?

Under the resellers Duty of Care, chemicals can only be purchased and collected by an accredited chemical user.In states such as South Australia you can only purchase Schedule 7 Dangerous Poisons if you are trained at the AQF level three.